Respiratory Consultant
Expert Witness
Medico Legal Reports

Dr Geoffrey R G Todd MB MRCP(UK)

I was appointed Consultant General Physician with a special interest in Lung Diseases in 1985 to the Northern Health and Social Services Board, but since 2005 have been based at the Ulster Independent Clinic, Belfast.

I commenced medico-legal work in 1987 my area of special interest being occupational lung diseases (especially asbestos related). My hospital catchment area included many former shipyard workers who were frequently referred to my clinics, hence my extensive experience in asbestos related lung diseases. In 2023 I prepared more than 320 reports. I receive instructions not only from Northern Ireland Solicitors, but also from the Scottish and English jurisdictions. I am instructed by both plaintiff and defendant solicitors. I have also received instructions from the Coroner’s Office and The Department of Public Prosecutions.

I have extensive experience in giving evidence as an Expert Witness and have done so in Belfast, Birmingham and Edinburgh High Courts on approximately 8 occasions in the past 10 years.

Cardiff University Law School Bond Solon Expert Witness Certificate (April 2021).

Time Scale: At present, desktop reports are completed within 21 days of instruction.  Other instructions which require telephone, video or face to face consultation are offered an appointment within 6 weeks of the instructing letter and the report is then forwarded to the instructing Solicitor within the following 10 days.

Accessibility: I welcome contact by phone or email at any time during the working day to answer queries, discuss difficult cases, make urgent appointments, etc.

Medicolegal Reporting

Has provided Expert Witness reports for the Courts over the last 30 years, mainly cases of asbestos-related lung diseases, occupational asthma, smoke inhalation, traumatic chest injury etc., but also medical negligence.